Jade Agent-Oriented Programming Course Materials

Programming agents in Jade

(web version) (french version)

Set of source codes for the course/tutorial on multi-agent programming with the JADE platform.

To run these codes, it is necessary to import the library “JadeUPHF.jar”. This library is an update, with JAVA 17, of the last official version of [Jade] (https://jade.tilab.com) of Tilab and add functionalities to easier the implementation of agents.

The source of this new version, the library and notes, can be accessed from here : JadeUPHF”.

The following codes need, thus, this library and Java >= 17.

NB. if you get this error in your prefered IDE while launching an example :

SEVERE: Communication failure while joining agent platform: No ICP active

The reason is that you have not closed the previous jade instance. Completely stop/close a jade run before launching another one

Basics: Agent, Behavior, and Sending Messages

Agents without behavior or communication

Agents with behaviors

Communicating Agents

Interactive agents

Service Management

Agents with FSM behaviors

Interaction protocols

ISSIA 23 - Scenario

A (very) little scenario based on a true project about circular economy : here